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Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Gujarat: Benefits, Incentive Amount, Eligibility

The Inter Caste Marriage Scheme in Gujarat is a commendable initiative aimed at promoting social harmony and breaking down barriers of caste discrimination. This scheme provides financial assistance to couples who marry outside their caste, helping them overcome any social or economic challenges they may face. Under this scheme, couples receive financial assistance of up to Rs. 2.5 lakh as a one-time grant to support their inter-caste marriage. This not only encourages individuals to follow their hearts and choose their life partner based on love and compatibility but also sends a powerful message of inclusivity and equality. The scheme also offers counseling services to help couples navigate any familial or societal pressures they may encounter. It is heartening to see the Government of Gujarat taking proactive steps to promote inter-caste marriages and create a more inclusive and accepting society. This scheme not only empowers couples but also plays a vital role in fostering social integration and breaking down long-standing prejudices.

What is Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme in Gujarat?

The Inter Caste Marriage Scheme in Gujarat is a groundbreaking initiative implemented by the government to promote social harmony and eliminate discrimination based on caste. This scheme aims to provide financial assistance to couples who choose to marry outside their caste. Under this scheme, couples can receive financial support in the form of a one-time grant to encourage inter-caste marriages. The scheme not only supports the couple financially but also aims to change societal attitudes and promote equality. It serves as a progressive step towards building an inclusive society where love and marriage are not bound by caste restrictions. By encouraging inter-caste marriages, the scheme seeks to break down barriers and promote unity among different communities in Gujarat. It is a significant stride towards eradicating deep-rooted prejudices and fostering a society based on mutual respect and understanding.

Why is the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Important?

The Inter-caste Marriage Scheme holds immense importance in fostering social harmony and breaking down the barriers of caste discrimination prevalent in many societies. This scheme aims to encourage and support individuals who choose to marry outside of their caste by providing financial assistance and incentives. By promoting inter-caste marriages, the scheme seeks to challenge regressive social norms and practices that perpetuate caste-based discrimination and inequality. It recognizes the value of love and companionship, irrespective of caste, and promotes inclusivity and acceptance in society. Additionally, inter-caste marriages play a crucial role in dismantling deep-rooted prejudices and stereotypes, creating a more tolerant and progressive society. The scheme not only provides financial aid to couples but also offers legal and counseling support, ensuring their well-being and protection in the face of societal opposition. Ultimately, the Inter-caste Marriage Scheme serves as a powerful tool for social transformation, promoting equality, and building a more harmonious and equitable society free from the shackles of caste-based discrimination.

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Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Gujarat: An Overview

Scheme NameInter-Caste Marriage Scheme Gujarat
Relevant DepartmentSocial Justice and Empowerment Department
Launch of Plan2017
BeneficiaryInterracial Couple
ObjectiveEncouraging inter-caste marriages and removing the wrong mentality spread in the society
Incentives2.5 Lakh
Application ProcessOffline/Online
Official Website

Benefits & Features of inter-Caste Marriage Scheme in Gujarat

The implementation of this program in Gujarat aims to empower the disadvantaged classes, ensuring that those in need from backward classes and those who are poor will no longer have to worry about raising funds for their weddings.

• The government of Gujarat has taken measures to address the financial aspect of marriages by offering monetary assistance to couples belonging to the SC caste. This assistance will be extended even in cases of inter-caste marriages.

• A sum of Rs. 2,50,000 will be provided to each couple selected by the respective welfare department, but the full amount will not be disbursed at once.

• To facilitate the matrimonial arrangements, an NGO or organization responsible for organizing the weddings will receive an amount of Rs. 15,000 for each couple they assist.

• A total of Rs. 2,50,000 will be allocated to cover the expenses of purchasing essential items for the couples’ future life. This amount can be utilized for acquiring jewelry, wedding attire, and household necessities.

• NGOs and other designated institutions will closely work with the state government to organize these weddings. The supervision of the organization will be carried out by officials from the respective department.

• The entire program is funded by the Gujarat government, which not only manages the administrative tasks but also provides the necessary funds for its implementation.

Eligibility Criteria for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Gujarat

• Indian citizenship is a requirement for the couple.

• The applicant must be a permanent resident of their respective state.

• An Inter-caste marriage will be classified as one in which Scheduled Caste and Non-scheduled Caste individuals are wedded.

• The marriage must comply with the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and be duly registered as per the law.

• Couples possessing a marriage registration certificate are eligible for this scheme.

• To be eligible for this scheme, the combined income of the couple should not exceed Rs. 5.0 lakhs or the amount determined by the respective government.

• Only those who apply within a year (or 18 months in some states) of marriage, or within the timeframe set by the respective state, will be eligible for incentives.

Required Documents for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Gujarat

•The couple’s address can be verified with the following documents: PAN Card, Driving Licence, Bank Passbook, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill.

•To establish their identity, the couple can provide one of the following: Voter ID, Passport, Aadhaar card, Driving Licence.

•In order to validate an inter caste marriage, a specific certificate is required.

•The marriage certificate from a gazetted officer is necessary to confirm that it is the couple’s first marriage.

•Certificates of age from authorized officers, as recommended by the authorities, need to be submitted.

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•Similarly, certificates of educational qualification from authorized officers, as advised by the authorities, are required.

•The couple must also provide their caste certificate.

•An income certificate is mandatory.

•A photograph capturing the marriage ceremony is required.

•The marriage must be registered and a certificate should be obtained.

•Additionally, a ration card and the PAN card of the couple are necessary.

•The couple must possess a Voter ID.

•A domicile or residence certificate is needed to verify their place of residence.

•An affidavit declaring the legal marriage and matrimonial alliance is essential.

•A bank account passbook is required as proof.

•Passport size photographs of the couple are needed.

•A combined photograph of the husband and wife should be submitted.

•Lastly, an Aadhaar card is required.

How to Apply for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Gujarat

•The first step entails opening a page similar to the one described.

•Next, proceed to the New User Single Sign On (SSO) portal and select the Register option.

•This will lead you to a new page where you can choose to log in using Jan Aadhar, Bhamasha, Facebook, or Google.

•Upon successful login, click on the Utility option.

•Subsequently, select Advanced Search and choose Utility, Social Justice & Empowerment Department. 

•Proceed to the following page and click on the Application Form button.

•The application form will then appear, requiring you to enter all the necessary information accurately.

•Do not forget to upload the necessary documents such as the marriage certificate, affidavit of husband and wife, district certificate, and the husbands’ and wives’ 10th certificates.

•Finally, after providing all the required details, submit the form by clicking on the appropriate option.

•By following these steps, you will successfully complete the online application process for the Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Gujarat. 

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Contact Details for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Gujarat

Department of Social Justice & Empowerment

Block No.-5, 8th floor, Sachivalay,

Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India))

Fax: 91 79 23254817

Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Under Secretary,

Room No. 253, A-Wing,

Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 001.

Phone: 23389368


FAQs Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Gujarat

1.What are inter-caste marriage benefits in Gujarat 2023?

In 2023, the Inter Caste Marriage Scheme will provide a financial aid of Rs. 2.5 Lakh to Dalit couples who take the courageous step of getting married. The purpose of this scheme is to support these couples in the initial phase of their married life. However, it is important to note that this scheme is only applicable to couples who are entering into their first marriage.

2.What is the 2.5 lakh scheme for inter-caste marriage?

Under this scheme, eligible couples who provide a Pre-stamped receipt on a Rs 10 Non-Judicial Stamp paper will receive an incentive of Rs. 1.50 Lakh through RTGS/NEFT into their joint bank account.

3.What is the government marriage scheme in Gujarat? 

Additionally, the Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana offers a financial assistance of 1 Lakh to individuals who have completed 18 years and wish to pursue higher education or get married. This scheme is fully funded by the state government, and the financial assistance is directly transferred to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

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4.What is the new rule of intercaste marriage?

Moreover, the Supreme Court of India has emphasised that inter-caste marriages are important for national unity and have always been permissible in independent India, regardless of caste or religion.

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