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Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal: Application, Amount, Eligibility, Benefits & Required Documents

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, through the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, has recently made a decision to raise the incentive for inter-caste marriages in West Bengal State. The incentive amount has been increased from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 2.5 lakh. This new scheme will be referred to as the “Dr. Ambedkar Scheme for Social Integration through Inter-caste Marriages” with the aim of promoting inter-caste marriages and fostering social unity.

What is Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal? 

The main aim of this program is to acknowledge the courageous decision of an Inter-caste wedding made by the newly wedded couple and to provide them with a financial incentive to help them settle down smoothly during the early stage of their married life. It is important to note that this program should not be interpreted as an additional scheme to generate employment or alleviate poverty. Inter-caste marriages can play a significant role in reducing caste-based prejudices, eradicating untouchability, and promoting values such as freedom, equality, and brotherhood in society.

The implementation of the PCR- Protection of Civil Rights Act and POA- Prevention of Atrocities Act, which are centrally sponsored schemes, includes providing financial assistance to state governments and union territory administrations as an incentive for Inter-caste marriages, with one of the partners belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC). The effort to bring about a change in attitudes among society members through Inter-caste Marriages is also supported by the Ambedkar Foundation. This initiative has the potential to foster long-lasting social integration, harmony, and fraternity.

Why is the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Important?

The capacity of the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme to dismantle caste divisions and promote societal cohesion is of great significance. The mitigation of prejudice and marginalisation experienced by the SC and ST communities is achieved through the embrace of inter-caste marriages, which plays a crucial role. Additionally, these unions foster inclusivity and acceptance, creating an environment that promotes diversity and tolerance among various factions within society. Through such alliances, the SC and ST communities also witness an improvement in their social and economic standing, as they gain access to enhanced opportunities and resources through their spouses. Moreover, these matrimonial ties contribute to the integration and unification of India by nurturing a shared sense of identity and cohesiveness among different segments of society.

Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal: An Overview

Scheme Name  Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal
Relevant DepartmentSocial Justice and Empowerment Department  
Launch Plan2020
BeneficiarySC/ST willing to marry outside caste
ObjectiveEncouraging inter-caste marriages and removing the wrong mentality spread in the society
Incentive2-2.5 Lakh
StateWest Bengal
Application ProcessOnline/Offline
Official Website
West Benagal Scheme of Inter-caste Marriage

Benefits & Features of inter-Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal

Eligible inter-caste couples are granted a one-time financial aid of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000 by the government. Upon receiving the funds, the couple must sign an agreement and also provide LSGI documentation. The funds are intended for the establishment of a new business, construction of a dwelling, or acquisition of land. The LSGI is mandatory to verify the appropriate utilisation of the provided funds.

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Eligibility Criteria for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal

To be eligible for the Dr. Ambedkar Scheme for Social Integration through Inter-Caste Marriages, the following criteria must be met by the couple:

•One of the spouses should belong to the Scheduled Caste, while the other one should belong to a Non-scheduled Caste, resulting in an inter-caste marriage.

•Both the bride and groom must be citizens of India and have their domicile in the state of West Bengal.

•The marriage should be legally valid and registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The couple needs to submit an affidavit or marriage certificate to prove their legal marriage and matrimonial alliance.

•The incentive is only applicable to couples entering into their first marriage. No incentive is provided for second or subsequent marriages.

•A proposal will be considered valid if submitted within one year of the marriage.

•The combined total income of the newly married couple should not exceed Rs. 5 lakh per annum from all sources.

•Couples who have already received an incentive or grant from the State Government/Union Territory Administration are not eligible for an incentive from the Ambedkar Foundation under this scheme.

Required Documents for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme in West Bengal

As stated in the application form for WB Inter-Caste Marriages Benefits, the following documents must be uploaded, following the given instructions:

•Each of the Bride & Groom should provide a recent passport size photograph.

•A joint passport size photograph of the couple is required.

•Birth proof, such as a copy of the Birth Certificate or Secondary School Examination, is mandatory for both the Bride and Groom.

•Address proof, duly attested, such as Voter Id Card, Driving License, or Indian Passport, is needed for both the Bride and Groom.

•Caste Certificate is required from the competent authority if one spouse belongs to the SC category and the other to a Non-scheduled caste.

•An Income Certificate is also necessary and should be issued by the competent authority. If employed, the salary slip or certificate should be enclosed.

•To complete the application, the Marriage Registration Certificate is essential. The marriage must be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

•A front page copy of the Joint Bank Account Passbook is required, clearly showing the Holder/Joint-holder Name, Bank & Branch Name, A/C No, IFSC Code, and other relevant details.

•A Recommendation Letter, attested by a sitting MP/MLA, District Collector, or District Magistrate, should also be enclosed.

How to Apply for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal

For the “Online Application” (ऑनलाइन आवेदन) of Inter-caste Marriage in WB State, please follow these simple steps:

1. Start by visiting the official web portal of the Backward Classes Welfare Dept, Government of West Bengal State (पश्चिम बंगाल सरकार, पिछड़ा वर्ग कल्याण विभाग) at The link is provided below. Once on the website, click on the option “ICM Online Application of Incentive for Inter-caste Marriage” located at the top right corner of the page. Proceed to fill out the online application form with all the required details to ensure a smooth application process.

2. If you encounter any issues with the above website or it is not accessible, use the link below to directly access the “Online Application Form” (ऑनलाइन आवेदन पत्र) for the inter-caste marriage incentive. Follow the steps below to complete the registration form:

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– Provide Personal Detail: Enter the Name of the Applicant (Bride/Groom), Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Contact Number, Caster Type (must belong to SC category), Sub caste, and Present Address.

– Enter Details of Id Proof of Applicant: Fill in the Voter Id/EPIC Number, Caste Certificate Number, Aadhaar Card Number, Pan Card Number, and any other ID Proof if applicable.

– Provide Personal Details of Spouse/Co-Applicant: Enter the Name of the Co-applicant (Bride/Groom), Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Contact Number, Caste Type (must belong to General category), and Present Address.

– Enter Details of Id Proof of Spouse/Co-Applicant: Provide the Voter Id/EPIC Number, Certificate Number, Aadhaar Card Number, Pan Card Number, and any other ID Proof if applicable.

– Marriage Details: Input the Date of Marriage and the Details of Marriage (Registration Certificate). Then select the appropriate options for the following questions: Whether Living Together – Yes/No, Whether any Child is Born out of this Wedlock – Yes/No, Whether any Such Grant has been Received – Yes/No, and Whether it was received earlier from any Authority – Yes/No.

– Self-Declaration: Confirm that the information provided above is true to the best of your knowledge and belief. Note that giving false information is considered offensive and may result in the forfeiture of the grant amount if any discrepancy is found. Additionally, enter the Captcha Code provided in the required. To further proceed, click on the “Save and Continue” button.

-Provide the Bank Account Information (which should be a Joint Account) such as Bank Name, Branch Name, Holder Name, Joint Holder Name, A/C No, IFSC Code, etc.

As per the instructions given in the registration form, upload the required supporting documents. Then, click on the “Submit” button to successfully complete the process. After submission, make sure to print the filled-in registration form (containing the registration number) for future reference.

The application is forwarded to the respective Department dealing with the Welfare of Scheduled Caste in the States/Union Territories. The State Government/UT Authorities, along with their recommendations, then forward it to the Director, Dr. Ambedkar Foundation at 15, Janpath, New Delhi (110-001).

Links to Apply for Information Related Inter-Caste Marriage West Bengal

Contact Details for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal

You can also contact us at the following address:

National Informatics Center

New Collectorate Building,

7 Rishi Bankim Chandra Road,

Howrah, West Bengal-711101, India

Phone No: 033-2641-2024/2961

Fax: 033-2641-3367, 033-2641-0029

Email: dm-how-wb[at]nic[dot]in,

dm howrah wb[at]gmail[dot]com

FAQs Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal

1)What are the government benefits for inter-caste marriage in West Bengal?

Inter-caste couples who meet the criteria are eligible to receive a one-time monetary support ranging from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000, offered by the government. It is compulsory for the couple to sign an agreement and submit the Local Self Government Institution (LSGI) documents when they receive the funds.

2) How much is given for inter-caste marriage in West Bengal?

A monetary reward of Rs. 2.50 lakh will be provided for each inter-caste marriage that is legally solemnised.

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3) What is the marriage scheme in West Bengal?

Rupashree, an initiative undertaken by the West Bengal government, aims to facilitate the marriage of girls hailing from economically disadvantaged families. This program entails providing a one-time financial assistance of Rs. 25,000 / – to families with an annual income below Rs. 1.50 lakhs during their daughter’s wedding ceremony.

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