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Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Sikkim

The Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme in Sikkim is a progressive initiative aimed at promoting social harmony and inter-caste marriages within the state. Under this scheme, eligible couples who choose to marry across caste boundaries receive a commendable incentive of ₹2,50,000 as a token of support from the government. This financial assistance not only encourages love and unity between individuals from diverse backgrounds but also serves as a recognition of the importance of breaking down caste-based barriers in society. By providing this incentive, the Sikkim government actively supports and celebrates the spirit of inter-caste marriages, emphasising the values of equality and inclusivity in the state. 

Procedure For Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Sikkim

To apply for this scheme, eligible couples are encouraged to open a joint bank account or convert their existing account into a joint one, linking it with their Aadhaar card. The application process involves the following steps:

  1. Visit the local Social Welfare Department office in your area.
  2. Inquire at the local panchayat office for information on how to apply for the incentive.
  3. Consult with the designated authority at the respective office to understand the application procedure and obtain the application form or follow the advice format on a plain A4 sheet.
  4. Complete the application form, attaching all required documents as specified in the “Required Documents” section.
  5. Authorities will review the submitted application and documents to verify eligibility and document accuracy. If eligible, the application will be accepted.
  6. An acknowledgment, in the form of a record number, will be provided for future reference.
  7. The application will undergo further processing.
  8. The scheme’s approval status will be communicated to the applicant via SMS.
  9. Ground-level verification and local inquiries will be conducted by department authorities to confirm application details and facts.
  10. Based on the verification outcomes, the department will forward the proposal, along with recommendations from relevant authorities, to the sanctioning body.
  11. The sanctioning body will evaluate the case for incentive approval.
  12. The applicant will receive an SMS notification regarding the approval or rejection, if applicable.
  13. If approved, the incentive will be credited to the joint bank account of the couple in accordance with government norms.
  14. Typically, no fees are charged for this procedure.
  15. The entire process will be completed within the department’s work schedule and budget allocation timelines.

Eligibility for Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Sikkim

The eligibility criteria for the Inter-caste Marriage Scheme:

  1. Both individuals must be Indian citizens.
  2. The applicant should be a permanent resident of the respective state.
  3. The marriage is considered an inter-caste marriage when one spouse belongs to a Scheduled Caste and the other to a Non-scheduled Caste.
  4. The marriage must be legally valid and registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.
  5. Couples with a valid marriage registration certificate are eligible to apply.
  6. To qualify for this scheme, the total combined income of the couple should not exceed Rs. 5.0 lakhs or the amount specified by the respective state government.
  7. Incentives will be provided only to couples who apply within a year (in some states, 18 months) of their marriage or as per the timeline set by the respective state.
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Required Documents for Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Sikkim

  • Address proof of the couple (PAN Card /Driving Licence / Bank Passbook / Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill)
  • Identity proof of the couple (Voter ID / Passport / Aadhaar card / Driving licence)
  • Inter caste marriage certificate
  • Marriage certificate from gazetted officer to ensure it is first marriage
  • Certificates of age from the authorised officers as advised by the authorities
  • Certificate of educational qualification from the authorised officers as advised by the authorities
  • Caste certificate of the couple
  • Income certificate
  • Marriage photo
  • Marriage registration certificate
  • Ration card
  • PAN card of the couple
  • Voter ID
  • Domicile or residence certificate
  • An affidavit of the couple being legally married and in matrimonial alliance.
  • Bank account pass book
  • Passport size photograph
  • Combined photo of husband and wife
  • Aadhaar card

Contact details for Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Sikkim

The Department of Social Justice Empowerment & Welfare,

Lumsay, Lingding Road, 

Upper Tadong, Tadong, Gangtok, 

Sikkim 737102. 

Telephone/Telefax : 03592-232596 

Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Under Secretary, 

Room No. 253, A-Wing, 

Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 001. 

Phone: 23389368


Frequently asked Questions for Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Sikkim

Is inter-caste marriage legal in Sikkim?

Yes, inter-caste marriages are legal in Sikkim as well as in the entire country. The Special Marriage Act, 1954, allows individuals from different castes, religions, or backgrounds to marry.

Do I need special permission for an inter-caste marriage in Sikkim?

No, you do not need special permission for an inter-caste marriage in Sikkim. You can register your marriage under the Special Marriage Act or any other applicable law.

How can I register my inter-caste marriage in Sikkim?

To register your inter-caste marriage, you need to visit the local marriage registrar’s office and fill out the necessary forms. You will need to provide the required documents, including age and identity proof, photographs, and a marriage affidavit.

Are there any incentives or schemes for inter-caste married couples in Sikkim?

The Sikkim government has various schemes and incentives for promoting inter-caste marriages, such as financial assistance, housing, and education benefits. It’s advisable to check with the local authorities for details.

Do I need to notify my family about my inter-caste marriage in Sikkim?

While it’s not legally required to notify your family, it’s advisable to communicate with your family and seek their support. Open and respectful communication can help ease any potential conflicts.

What should I do if I face opposition from society or family for my inter-caste marriage in Sikkim?

Seek legal advice and assistance if you face opposition or threats related to your inter-caste marriage. The law is on your side, and there are organisations and authorities that can help protect your rights.

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