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Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Assam 2023 – Apply, Eligibility, Benefits

The Assam Inter Caste Marriage Yojana, launched by the Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Department of Tribal Affairs (Plain), Government of Assam, aims to eradicate caste discrimination. Additionally, it aims to commend couples who bravely engage in inter-caste marriages. To achieve this, the government of Assam will provide monetary incentives to parents and married couples who have participated in inter-caste marriages.

What is an Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Assam? 

Casteism poses a problem in our society, as it leads to the hierarchical placement of one caste over another based on social status and prestige, ultimately dividing people into distinct communities. This system thrives on graded inequality and prominently features the practice of endogamy, prohibiting marriages between individuals of different castes. Inter-caste marriages are discouraged by individuals, who prevent their children and loved ones from entering into such unions. The issue of caste discrimination persists alongside.

With the aim of addressing this issue, the Assam Inter Caste Marriage Scheme has been initiated. This progressive step, implemented by the Assam government, seeks to eradicate caste discrimination. The scheme, known as the Financial Incentive to Inter-Caste Marriage, offers monetary benefits to married couples and their parents when they choose to unite individuals from general castes and scheduled castes through marriage.

Why is the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Important?

Deeply ingrained caste-based discrimination continues to plague society, which is why the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme assumes great significance. Its primary objective is to foster social cohesion through financial aid and incentives offered to couples who defy caste and religious boundaries by tying the knot. By promoting inter-caste marriages, this scheme disrupts long-standing caste hierarchies and advocates for the principles of equality and inclusivity. It effectively dismantles the barriers that have historically divided communities, giving rise to a sense of unity and empathy among diverse castes and religions. Furthermore, the scheme combats the biases and stereotypes associated with inter-caste unions by showcasing success stories that serve as inspiring examples for others to emulate. Ultimately, it cultivates an environment where love and mutual respect provide the bedrock for relationships, rather than societal prejudices. In summary, the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme plays a pivotal role in constructing a more embracing and harmonious society, where individuals can exercise their freedom to select life partners without apprehension of discrimination or social exclusion.

Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Assam: An Overview


Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Assam




Department of Tribal Affairs (Plain), Govt. of Assam




Interracial Couple


Encouraging inter-caste marriages and removing the wrong mentality spread in the society

Mode to apply


Official Website

Benefits & Features of Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Assam

  • Initiated by the Government of Assam, the implementation of the scheme has commenced.
  • This particular scheme is designed to provide advantages for newly wedded couples from different castes, as well as their parents.
  • The primary objective is to acknowledge the courageous decision of inter-caste marriages taken by these couples.
  • Each married couple will be eligible to receive a monetary grant of Rs. 50,000 under this scheme.
  • The marriage should be solemnised between a general caste individual and a scheduled caste individual, either male or female.
  • A total of 100 inter-caste married couples will be able to benefit from this scheme annually.
  • The implementation of this scheme is intended to promote ideals such as liberty, equality, and fraternity within society.
  • The marriage must be legally valid according to Indian law.
  • Second marriages will not be eligible for any incentives.
  • The allocated amount will be directly transferred to the bank account of the bride, groom, or a joint account held by the couple through DBT Transfer.
  • If it is discovered that false or fabricated information has been submitted to the competent authority, appropriate legal action will be taken in accordance with the prevailing laws.
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Eligibility Criteria for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Assam

  • The candidate must possess permanent residency in Assam.
  • The marriage is required to occur between a couple from the general caste and a scheduled caste.
  • The marriage must comply with Indian law to be considered valid.
  • Only first-time marriages are eligible for incentives; no benefits will be provided for second or subsequent marriages.

Required Documents for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme in Assam

  • Husband and wife’s caste certificates
  • Evidence of the husband or wife belonging to the General caste
  • Marriage certificate issued by the sub-Registrar
  • Photograph of the couple together
  • Bank account information of the bride, groom, or the joint account of the couple

How to Apply for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Assam

Kindly follow the below steps to avail the scheme:

  1. Visit the official website for the Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Department of Tribal Affairs (Plain), Government of Assam to begin the application process.
  2. Navigate to the “how do I?” section located on the home page of the portal. Then, select the “more options” tab.
  3. On the next page that appears, you will find the option to apply for financial incentives for inter-caste marriages. Click on it.
  4. Another page will open on your screen, displaying the application link. Proceed to click on this link.
  5. Follow the instructions provided on the screen, as you click on the link. 
  6. Proceed to complete the application form by providing the required details, such as:

– Bride’s name

– Groom’s name

– Caste

– Date of birth

– Contact number

– Bank account details, etc.

  1. Once you have filled in all the necessary information, ensure that you review the form carefully. Attach all the required documents to the application.
  2. After completing the application and attaching the requested documents, submit it for review. Please note that the application must be submitted within 3 years from the date of marriage, after careful review.

Links to Apply for Information Related Inter-Caste Marriage Assam

FAQs Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Assam

1.Assam’s Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme: How to Apply?

In an effort to combat caste-based prejudice in India, the Assam government has introduced a special scheme that offers financial support to couples who opt for inter-caste marriages. To avail this esteemed opportunity, interested individuals can submit their applications through the official website of the organisation.

2.What is the Assam 2023 Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme all about?

Encompassed within this scheme is the provision of Rs. 50,000 to each married couple, with the condition that the marriage is between a general caste individual and a scheduled caste individual. A maximum of 100 inter-caste married couples will be beneficiaries each year.

3.Does the Indian Government provide monetary aid for intercaste marriages?

Yes, the incentive for a legally recognized inter-caste marriage is set at Rs. 2.5 lakhs. Of this sum, the eligible couple will receive Rs. 1.5 lakhs in their joint account, while the remaining Rs. 1 lakh will be placed in a fixed deposit for a period of three years.

4.What are the drawbacks of inter-caste marriages?

One significant challenge that arises with inter-caste marriages is family disapproval. This issue is particularly common if one or both families strongly hold onto their cultural or religious traditions. Consequently, emotional distress and feelings of isolation may ensue.

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