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Goa Marriage Certificate: Registration, Eligibility, Fees & Form Download

Goa Marriage Certificate: Online Registration, Eligibility Criteria, Fees Payment & Form PDF Download -: All administrative services will be provided electronically, transparently, and with ease by the Municipal Corporation (Nagar Palika) under the Goa government. Additionally, the Goa government makes every effort to deliver services online. The municipality has currently made several services available online, including the ability to pay property taxes online and get marriage, birth, and death certificates. Folks, We will describe “how to apply for marriage registration in Goa” and “how to download a marriage certificate” in this blog.

About Marriage Registration Certificate in Goa

Within 30 days following the wedding, the local registry of marriages must be notified. In Goa, a marriage certificate is an essential document. Marriage certificates are required in numerous situations, including name changes on all official documents, the addition of names to ration cards and passports, and wife name changes, among others. The website reg.goa.gov.in offers information on all state electronic registrations of births, deaths, and weddings. Including this, the website also accepts online marriage registration applications.

The marital tie between a bride and a groom is officially recognized by a marriage certificate, which state governments provide upon registration. The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954 governs the registration of marriages in India. The process for acquiring a “Goa marriage certificate” is examined in this blog.

Document Needed for Goa Marriage Certificate

The list of paperwork needed for the marriage certificate in Goa is as follows:

  • A picture of the bride and groom
  • Birth certificates for the girl and boy are on file.
  • Before filing for a marriage certificate application, present a document proving your address—for example, a certificate of recent residence (one person must have it).
  • identity documents for the husband and wife.
  • Document the witness’s testimony, if necessary.
  • If you have a physical impairment, you need a disability certificate.

List of Documents Needed to Register a Foreign National Couple’s Marriage

  • Copy of an order issued by the court.
  • Copy of the passport (husband and wife – if any).
  • Cardholder: Overseas citizen of India (if any).
  • Any other pertinent records.

Apply Online for Goa Marriage Certificate Registration

If you want to get the marriage certificate in Goa state, you need to follow the official website procedure. The complete step-by-step process is given below:

  • Go to the marriage registration website at reg.goa.gov.in if you want to apply for a marriage certificate in Goa.
  • In order to register a new application, go to this page and choose “Marriage Registration”.
  • Read the entire instruction before filling out the form, then click “I agree” and then the “Proceed” button.
  • To create a new account, provide the applicant’s data and then click “Sign Up”.
  • Provide the bridegroom, bride, parents (on both sides), witnesses, etc. details on the application form.
  • Enter witness details in the case of a husband or wife bornin  outside of India.
  • Fill disability details in the case of the blind and deaf.
  • Upload “Mandatory Documents”, which are mentioned above.
  • Submit the application online for verification and make an “Online Fee Payment”.
  • Book an Appointment for Marriage Registration to visit the “Sub-Registrar’s Office”.
  • Visit the office for marriage registration nearby your area and give all the proofs with the application form. waiting period of 15 days or permission from the Assistant Public Prosecutor (if objections are not received).
  • Book a Second Appointment for “Final Registration” and visit the office for “Final Marriage Registration”.
यह भी पढ़ें ->   मुख्यमंत्री कन्या अभिभावक पेंशन योजना (Mukhyamantri Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana)

Submit a Civil Marriage Priest Certificate or Letter from the Church in the case of a Canonical Marriage. You will receive the certificate within 21 days after the complete verification and procedure.

reg.goa.gov.in Download Goa Marriage Certificate

After applying for it online you also can download a copy of it. The procedure to download Goa marriage certificate online a is mentioned below with step-by-step process.

  • Go to the website for marriage registration at reg.goa.gov.in, and click on the “Marriage Certificate Registration Copy” option.
  • Then click “Download” if you wish to obtain a copy of your Goa Marriage Certificate.
  • After that open the “Login” page and enter “Username/Password” to reach inside the website.
  • To download it, go to the dashboard area and choose “Certificate Copy”.

You may now see the downloaded copy of the marriage certificate on your computer or mobile device. You may download this document as a pdf. Additionally, you may take the printout of it for future assistance.

Toll-Free Helpline No. for Goa Marriage Certificate

If you are facing any problems while applying for Goa Marriage Certificate online or offline you can directly contact the department. In Goa, issues related to the e-Municipality department services or the official website can be solved by calling +91 832 2437136.

Get more department contact details from the below section:

  • Office Address – Office of State Registrar-cum-Head of Notary Services, Shramshakti Bhavan, 7th Floor, Patto, Panaji, Tiswadi Goa (403001)
  • Helpdesk Email – srhns_rd.goa@nic.in
  • Official Website – http://registration.goa.gov.in/

By using the above contact details you can directly contact the departmental person. Also if you are confused about submitting the online application, in that case, visit the https://registration.goa.gov.in/?page_id=1247 link and get the step-by-step application procedure details.

6. Goa Marriage Registration Certificate PDF Download

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