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Mission Sagar

India decided to launch this mission to provide critical aid to certain Indian Ocean countries and fulfil the aim of the SAGAR policy.

Note that Mission Sagar and the SAGAR policy doctrine are essentially linked. Further, this mission came about as an offshoot of the SAGAR policy for maritime cooperation.

Mission Sagar 2, 3, and 4 followed the first mission.

Overview of Mission Sagar

NameMission Sagar
Launched byGovernment of India
Launch yearMay 2020
Nodal MinistryMinistry of External Affairs
SectorGovernment of India
Objectiveprovide essential aid to the Indian Ocean countries. 
Official websitehttps://indiannavy.nic.in/content/mission-sagar-1

Objective and Benefits of Mission Sagar

The Indian Government launched a COVID-19 relief mission for countries in the Indian Ocean such as Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Madagascar, etc. Note that Mission Sagar is different from SAGAR, which is a policy doctrine for maritime cooperation.

Mission Sagar has 2 primary objectives. They are as follows –

•Fulfil the goals for economic and security cooperation between India and its neighbouring countries under the SAGAR policy.

•Provide essential aid to maritime neighbours.

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