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Krishonnati Yojana

Green Revolution – Krishonnati Yojana” is an Umbrella Scheme in the agriculture sector that has been implemented since 2016-17 by clubbing several schemes / missions under one umbrella scheme. The scheme has now been continued for the period from 2017-18 to 2019-20 with the Central Share of Rs. 33,269.976 crore.

Overview of Krishonnati Yojana

NameKrishonnati Yojana
Also known asGreen Revolution
Launch year2016
Launched byPM Narendra Modi
Applicable till2019-20
BudgetRs. 33,269.976 crore
Nodal MinistryMinistry of Agriculture
Official websiteMinistry of Agriculture

Objective and Benefits of Krishonnati Yojana

The Umbrella scheme comprises 11 Schemes/Missions. These schemes look to develop the agriculture and allied sector in a holistic and scientific manner to increase the income of farmers by enhancing production, productivity and better returns on produce. The Schemes will be continued with an expenditure of Rs.33,269.976 crore for three financial years, i.e., 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


What are the schemes under Krishonnati Yojana?


There are a total of 11 missions behind the Green Revolution Krishonnati Yojana Scheme, including: National Food Security Mission (NFSM) Integrated Scheme on Agriculture Census, Economics, and Statistics (ACES) National e-Governance Plan in Agriculture (NeGP-A). 


What are the schemes of the green revolution?


SMPPQ – Sub Mission on Plant Protection and Plan Quarantine – the aim of this scheme is to minimize loss to quality and yield of agricultural crops from insects, pests, weeds, etc., to shield our agricultural biosecurity from the incursions and spread of alien species, to facilitate exports of Indian agriculture. 

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